I love parties! I love to plan parties! I know in my head I am a much better cake decorate than I am in real life. But I find practing and decorating cakes to be fun. My newest thing is to photograph parties too.  Here are some of my parties.

The Boy's Super Bowl Birthday Bash
Super Bowl Party

The Short Chic's Fairy Tea Party
A Fairy Tea Party

Tonka Trucks Baby's First Birthday
Tonka Truck Birthday Party

                                                                                        2012 Super Bowl Party
                                                                                        2012 Super Bowl Party

A party for the Queen! In addition to two amazing desserts, it had shoes, and the colors pink and orange.
A Queen's Birthday
 A Royal Princess Party- every little girls dream is to be a Princess. This year, my little girl's dream came true!
Princess Party

Finally, my best friend had a baby! This is her Sip and See shower. Not your traditional baby girl colors but there is nothing traditional about my best friend!
A Spring Sip and See