Mi Familia

My Husband

The Short Chic has a descriptive word for each of us.  Her word for her Daddy is "tough."  My husband is a big fisherman. He loves his lawn. He might be the toughest man I have ever met, but he is also a big ole push over when it comes to his family. He is also seriously serious about fishing. I think the man dreams about fishing every night.

The Boy

The Short Chic describes her big brother as "fast." The Boy is all about sports; baseball, basketball, football. Oh and girls. He seems to really like them right now!

What else can I say: he is growing. He eats a lot. He is temperamental, he is a teenager! He is also compassionate and caring.

 The Short Chic
The Short Chic's word for herself is "funny!" She loves orange, but she has changed her favorite color four times in the past five months. She is loud. She is smart. She is loving. She is independent and already has her own since of fashion.

 Miss Medical Student
Miss Medical Student is not actually a child I birthed. Nor is she even a child. I believe sometimes we create a family by choice. Miss Medical Student has been in my life for a long time and she is important to me. I claim her as part of my family.  We call her Miss Medical Student because she is in medical school and will one day soon be an important Doctor.

My Momma

In my family we call her Hurricane Carol.  She is a workin' woman who takes care of everything and everyone before herself. She is an amazing cook. A wonderful gardener. She is a truly a great mom and a great grandma!