Bon Jovi

 I have loved Bon Jovi since I was about 14/15 years old and I saw them one morning on American Bandstand singing Runaway. I was at my friend Jill Stephenson's house. It was the morning after a sleep over. We both LOVED his long highlighted hair and of course the spandex.

It would stand to reason that Bon Jovi would be my first "big girl" concert. Jill and I went with our boyfriends at the time.  I found my concert ticket stub last night in some high school memorabilia. I about choked when I saw the price of the ticket. $15.50!! I wonder if that seemed like a lot of money back then. Currently, tickets to see Bon Jovi start at nothing less than $75.00.

At the concert, they handed out these sticker patches. Yes, it was right there in my high school stuff too.

I have seen the band live in concert about 10 times since this first one. I wish I had been diligent to keep all of my concert tickets.  The most memorable concert was about 1995-96 when I went with my friend Rebecca Shipley to see Bon Jovi at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.It started raining early in the show. We sat through two rain delays. I think we must have left the concert well past midnight and they were still trying to get the show in. I have never left a concert early since then.

In early 2000's I introduced my best friend to my love of Bon Jovi at Red, White and Boom here in Kansas City, MO. She went to see Enrique Iglesias. She stayed to see Bon Jovi. Since then she has been my Bon Jovi concert buddy.

Last year when I got sick, I just kept singing "It's My Life" over in my head. I knew that song was meant to describe my journey with cancer because I was determined to not let cancer decide my future. I was going to. I am going to choice everyday how I want to live this life. And I do.